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We have written this book for everyone who is currently breathing! Humans are meant to be nose breathers.  Each story represents a person we have encountered in our practices and travels. Their signs and symptoms and life stories may remind you of friends or family members who are mouth breathers. This is accompanied by all of the related science and how to remedy the various issues. We have also included our own stories of switching from mouth to nose breathing.  We are both now ‘LipZipped’! 

breathe better to live better

WARNING: this book will improve your sleep and energy







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The way that your babies and children breathe may affect their behavioural development and facial growth.

Recognising the signs and symptoms and addressing poor breathing will enhance the outcomes of your efforts.

Changing your breathing can improve your performance.

Snoring, sleep apnea, low energy, asthma, allergies, respiratory disease, enlarged tonsils, crooked teeth, recessive chin, tongue-tie, bad breath, bed wetting.

Our readers say

This is very in-vogue, especially with COVID-19. I’m definitely staying “lip-zipped” as much as possible. Great book - learnt loads.
Hannah ives BA (Hons)
Post Grad Student
Tim and Trisha are two knowledgeable oral healthcare professionals, who have expertly researched and crafted this well written text. Both have personally experienced positive benefits from utilising Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. The eight individual patient stories are true testimonials and add credence to the growing evidence base. The stories are compelling and will inspire you to seek out the simple tools needed to change the way you live and breathe.
Amanda Gallie RDT, RDH
Dental Hygienist & Dental Therapist
This is a small but brilliant book which I recommend to everybody who cares about their health. Each of the case studies reminded me of somebody I know and who can be helped by the simple act of learning how to breathe correctly. Who’d have thought it could be that simple! I’m sleeping so much better and waking refreshed. Thank you Tim and Trisha for writing this gem of a book!
Karon Kitchen
Complementary Health Practitioner
I was introduced to mouth-taping and Buteyko breathing several years ago, and have found it invaluable and remarkably effective in a number of areas. As a ‘mouth-breather’ myself, the combined techniques have helped me enormously. In my professional life as an osteopath, however, I have often found it difficult to persuade my patients to try this approach. This new book will be a game-changer. The case studies are fascinating and inspiring and there are pages of clinical and scientific references. It will allow me to better convince patients that such small changes can bring about enhancing benefits. Thank you Timothy and Trisha.
Margaret Papoutsis
Registered Osteopath & Nutritional Therapist

This book has been written to bring about awareness that children snore  just as much as adults. In children snoring is even more important to rectify as it may affect facial and airway development.

The book is written in a very light hearted style with the aim of entertaining children and encouraging parents and children to open a dialogue on the subject.

Obviously children could read this on their own as could adults but my wish would be for parents to read it with their children so they can laugh and learn together.

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We have had numerous requests to provide an audio-version of The Boy Who Snored, so here you will discover just that.

If possible we would still love you to listen, laugh and learn togther.

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